"Insert Here, Part 1"


The teacher saunters on up to two students; swaying her humongous beach-ball breasts around.


Teacher: "Hey there boys! I guess my tits were a little too big for my shirt and they popped out. You guys mind helping me put them back in?"


Boy1: "No fuckin' way, seriously?"


Boy2: "Aww hell yes!"


The boys quickly lay their hands on the supple bags of flesh.


Boy1: "Get a load of this! Her fat fuckin' tits are soft like marshmellows or somethin'!"


Boy2: "Oh wow! And her nips are so big! I bet I can stick my whole hand in 'em!"


Teacher: "Now come on boys I just need you to put them bac-"


Boy2 quickly plunges his hand deep into the teacher's nipple.


Teacher: "~OOH!~" <3 


The nipple tightly clamps around the boy's wrist.


Boy2: "Oh man it's clinchin' me tight! I'm stuck!"


Teacher: "Oh, I'm sorry! You slipped that by me pretty quickly, give me a second to work it loose."


The teacher begins massaging the head-sized nipple.


Boy1: "Say teach, what's that buzzin' noise?"


Boy2: "Yeah! And why are your tits vibratin', you got something in there?"


Teacher: "Huh? Oh, yeah, I slipped some vibrators in this morning. Um, I guess since your hands are already in there, would you mind taking them out for me?"


Boy2: "I guess, yeah!"


Boy2 thrusts his arm elbow deep into the teacher's breast. He begins churning about, looking for the tiny vibrators lodged deep within the milk ducts. Meanwhile Boy1 tentatively kneads the teacher's nipple, prying it open with his thumbs.


Milk starts to dribble out.


Boy1: "Jesus, look at all this milk comin' out!"


Boy2: "It's all over my arm! Fucking hell, Teach, you could feed the whole school with your boobs!"


The teacher brushes hair out of her face and smiles wryly.


Boy2: "Hey I think I found one!"


Boy2 pulls his arm out. It's slathered in pearly white breast milk. Milk spashes about, making a mess. Boy2 opens his fist and reveals a small pink vibrator, still shaking about.


The teacher has closed her eyes and begun to pant heavily.


Teacher: "There," *Huff* "That's a good start. Just seven more to go."


The teacher bites her lower lip as the two boys plunge their arms deep into the warm, tight, confines of her breasts.

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