Jessie sat on the crate with a heavy thud. Her breasts swayed violently at the sudden change of momentum, which was enough to cause her nipples to harden in erotic tension. Hot milk dribbled out slowly as she sighed. She looked at her phone, the homepage was a picture of her and her friend taken just last week.

     Jessie had been an A-cup her whole life. That was until a pharmaceutical company by the name of ‘Solarias Incorporated’ offered to change that. It was an experimental drug, meant to subtly alter ones’ genome. Not only did they offer a more fulfilling body type, they offered to pay for her schooling - all four years of it. It was an offer Jessie couldn’t possibly refuse.

     She sighed again. Something was different about her body since she took the drug a few hours ago. She couldn’t place her finger on it - as if the part of her memory that told her how she used to look was erased. The picture of her on the phone seemed so foreign, so different, but how? She couldn’t think of it. Jessie put the phone away and slowly massaged her four beanbag-sized breasts. They seemed to be growing by the second, but that seemed an impossibility and Jessie shook it out of her head. Milk spattered to the ground as she kneaded her fleshy monstrosities. It felt nice, and it relaxed her mind. She reached over to her cantaloupe-sized nipples and brought a handful of milk to her lips. It tasted sweet and buttery, with a hint of blueberries. The flavor and heat of the milk filled her body.

     Jessie closed her eyes as every muscle in her body tensed in response to a quiet climax.

     She was panting heavily when she opened her eyes. Her breasts seemed bigger now, far bigger now. Jessie blinked rapidly for a few seconds. No, it couldn’t be. She was always that size. Milk dribbled out rapidly as Jessie sighed again. She was going to have to find a way to stop the leaking.

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