It was Violet’s birthday. Her alarm clock sounded off with the harsh tone that started her day off. Under the blankets a strange figure stirred. Violet wasn’t a normal girl. Well she had a very cute body, being average in all respects. No, it was her bosom, weighing in at 60-200 lbs per breast (depending on how much milk it was storing at the time). Doctor’s couldn’t figure out how she was able to sustain such weights without her dainty body being ripped apart. It was physically impossible yet there they were; that and the log of meat larger than her torso that was her dick.

     Every hour Violet would have to rub out as much milk and cum as she could, for her breasts would get unreasonably big and her cock unreasonably hard. That made her favorite time of the day the morning.

     She rolled out of bed as best she could. She slept in the nude, of course, else her expanding bosom and cock tear her clothing to shreds. She never had wet dreams either, so each and every morning her cock would stand on end (to no end) and her breasts were nine hours over due a rubbing.

     She reached for a nicely wrapped package on her night stand. She stared at the present with one eye, for the head of her cock was nestled heatedly against half her face. She tried her best to ignore it. Inside was a pair of lacy panties. Wonderful! She could go one more day without doing the laundry.

     Her dick jutted out handsomely as she bent over to slip on the panties. Violet’s breasts rubbed her shaft and she bit her lips in response. As she worked the panties onto one leg, her arms inevitably prodded and massaged her swollen breasts. Her cock swelled tighter and larger with anger. She paused momentarily, closed her eyes, then started on the other leg. 

     Violet lost her balance momentarily. It was a brief stumble, but it was disastrous. Her left nipple (alone, the size of her head) bumped against her bed frame. Violet screamed at the top of her lungs, as if she had experienced enough bliss for five people at once. Her cock eagerly shot torrent after torrent of pearly white cum into the room. Her breasts decorated her rug and dresser with a spray of sweet cream.

The noise of cum slapping the walls was disgusting and sloppy, accentuated by the pitch of Violet’s orgasmic throes and the pitter-patter of milk. Violet felt her knees lose strength, and she fell to the floor, her body lost to the uncontrollable spasms that was an earth shattering orgasm.

     Half an hour later her cock dribbled out the last of the cum it held, and her breasts were back to the size of basketballs. She slipped the ruined panties on and smiled. This was why she loved the mornings.

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